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it’s always great to watch the famous ones such as Hot Pornstar Puma Swede having sex live, fucking in front of a live audience. That audience today is in the hundreds of thousands and that’s why all these famous adult models prefer more and more the live porn rather than the recorded porn that ends up on DVD and eventually on the Internet, on these porn tubes and other adult entertainment resources.


Body Details:
Height: 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm)
Weight: 123 lbs (56 kg)
Measurements: 32F-25-35
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Personal Details:
Age: 38 years OLD
Date of Birth: September 13, 1976
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Birthplace: Stockholm, Sweden
Ethnicity: Swedish
Race: Caucasian

Additional info:
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Aliases: Ms Swede; Puma; Johanna; Johanna Jussinniemi; Johanna Plaidski; Puma Sweede
Started in 2005 at approx 29 years old
Fun Fact: Married Male Performer Keiran Lee in early 2009

What many don’t understand that there are very few maybe a couple of dozen that well beyond all the others at doing what they do, at doing porn, fucking big cocks for cash. All you have to do is check out Puma Swede LIVE PORN link) and you’ll get a great idea on why I’m saying this and why I truly believe that Puma is one of the very best if not among the top three.

Pornstar Puma Swede is at it again…

And I absolutely don’t blame her, you have to keep in consideration that she claimed in a recent interview that Live Pornstar Movies has become an integrated and permanent part of her working experience, she said it’s a lot more than just work it actually fun and she really does enjoy it. She said that doing it live and knowing that thousands of people are actually watching her getting fucked turns her on and gives her incredible enthusiasm and that’s why the average time of each one of her live porn videos is above average and therefore lasts over two hours.

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She never started off thinking that she would have made so much success in such little time, of course every single woman in this business wants to make as much money as possible, become as famous as possible and to have it all as fast as they can, but very few actually do make it to the very top and I’m actually predicting and very happy to say so that she is thanks to Live Webcam Porn going to hit the top very soon, and when I say hit the top I mean among the top 20 most popular and loved adult models in the pornstar business.

I recently wrote an article about her on Cherry Pimps Models and if you would be interested to read that, then click on the link that I just provided and enjoy the read.

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When it comes to Puma Swede, there is nothing not to love. The tight blonde with her big beautiful fake tits and lust for all things explicit, is the perfect example of what a pornstar should be. She is uninhibited and fully committed to her life of exhibitionism. It is no surprise that the biggest names in the adult industry fight for the opportunity to get her into their scenes, and production company, Brazzers, has managed to book her for many shoots. They have lots of exclusive hardcore content of the XXX vixen performing some of her most smoking hot scenes. She does anal for them. She does boy-girl, lesbian, threesomes, facials, and you name it. Yes, there is lots of great Puma sex online, but if you want to view some of the best, then you should click here to see Puma Swede at Brazzers now!


Puma, hot Cougar and Live Porn Videos!

I don’t know she would be offended if I called her a cougar, but I’m saying it obviously in a really nice way, she is the hottest over 30-year-old pornstar on the market today, that sounds terrible, on the market, LOL maybe I should’ve chosen appropriate words to describe one of the most Hot Pornstars that the adult entertainment industry has ever seen, never to mention, one of the most successful if you consider that all of her DVDs and Blu-ray discs have sold to the full amount in stock that the produces have ever had printed, she is one of the very few adult actresses that stars and movies that actually do get reprinted because of great request.

That makes perfect sense why the Goodfellas over at hired her to do Live Porn videos along with the many others that they have already selected and hired in exclusive to do the same identical thing.


It also comes to my great pleasure that the network that I’m talking about is also going social, it’s a matter of fact that on Facebook is no longer a myth but a reality, they still have to announce this page but I came along it yesterday afternoon and I noticed that they are updating it getting it ready so-called preparing it for the big announcement, but I went ahead and gave you guys a scoop of what it’s gonna look like and how they are filling up the whole page, at this point I do suggest that you do like myself and become a member, like the page in other words so that you won’t miss any of the updates ever.

Puma Swede Gets Ass Fucked in Stockings

Puma Swede is tight and sexy with a big set of awesome tits. Of course a dick is going to go rock hard when in her presence. Puma knows it and goes for it. You can’t dangle the meat in front of the sex cat without being prepared for her to pounce! As soon as the horny blonde has her mouth wrapped around the stiff rod, she is also lifting up her dress to grope her big boobs. All of that gets her soaking wet, so she gets down on all fours and gets her slick pussy fucked first. After that, it is all about her ass. Puma gets her butt drilled deep in this hardcore Brazzers scene.


Puma Grrrrr! Live Porn Videos and is a star at it!

Puma, give her another 10 years and will be calling her cougar LOL. Well it’s needless to say that she is absolutely beautiful, and like I have already said about other pornstars, it’s actually a shame that Puma Swede on Cherry Pimps is getting fucked by a different guy every single time, it is actually a shame that she is doing what she’s doing when she could be married to some millionaire, simply for her incredible body and gorgeous looks. But then, we wouldn’t be able to appreciate her, she would be banging one guy only and she wouldn’t be doing it in front of an audience, and they definitely would not be posting their sex moments over the Internet now would they? So at the end of the day, I’ll have to eat up my words and say that I am absolutely thrilled that there are porn stars like her and especially her.


However we are here to talk about Live Pornstars Sex and yes Puma Swede is totally involved with the website, and as many of you already know, she is doing two shows a month, and when I say to shows I’m talking about live porn, while you are watching, I guarantee you your not watching a recording, that’s why they call it live porn, because it’s happening while you are watching, there is no interruptions, there is no editing, there is a lot of bloopers, and there is interaction between the adult model and her fans that are watching.

So if you are still one of the very few that yet has not seen Pornstars Live having sex, then I firmly suggest that you go and look what it’s all about, I have posted the links simply click on them and visit the website with no obligation, you can take the free tour and watch one exclusive live porn video free, that’s why they call it free tour Duuh!!

Puma loves her live porn shows and so do we!

If you haven’t seen any of her Pornstars Shows and that’s a great shame, because from the reviews it seems that she is one of the top models starring on this network, she is actually being followed more than most of the other more popular porn stars, well at least until yesterday they were more popular than her, but the winds of change and because of her way in getting fucked and taking that cock on live video has made her into a rock star of porn. I myself am flattered as I was already a very big fan of Puma and had no doubts that she would’ve done absolutely great once you started making live porn videos, I was very impressed already watching her DVDs, I have four of them and have ordered another one on Blu-ray, but when I got to see her first live sex video I was totally stunned on how she managed to take on those two guys and keep them going for nearly 2 hours.

Every time that I talk to somebody either via Skype or even in person as many people recognize me at bars and other local places, the most common question his being in the past few weeks is: Will Live Pornstars Sex shows ever become the most important factor in the adult entertainment. I actually already think that it has become the most important and will become the most popular interest in adult entertainment, already in close to 2 million assigned us to watch these live shows while they happen and it is said before the end of 2014 issue of the 5.5 million that will become a member of his exclusive network.

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I myself have seen around 30 Live Porn Videos and to be honest when I look back and watch a recorded porn video either on a porn to like on or on DVD, it is not the same thing, that’s how good life porn is!

Puma eating pussy and sucking cock live!

When they told me that there was my favorite porn star Puma Swede on I sincerely couldn’t believe I had to go and look for myself when I saw her that she was advertised their my chin hit the ground I was so excited that I got a Boner only thinking about! However she is not the only porn star that I really do like a lot, and there are many others that I noticed were listed and were going to do some light porn in the days to come one of them is Ava Devine and the other is Charley ChaseSo that brought me to sign up for a month and it costs less than a dollar a day to do so, and I can watch one live porn star every day have sex right there in front of my eyes and at the same time I can visit watch thousands of past life porn videos that other porn stars made in these past months.

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Like Pornstar Puma Swede essays on her blog that this is the new way to do porn and she claims that it is one of the most exciting ways to do porn and that she has extreme fun doing it she said when it is live it is totally a different experience and she is a lot more turned on doing it knowing that there are thousands of people watching her rather than doing it in a studio when she knows that they are just maybe two or three guys other than herself witnessing what is happening.

When it comes down to Live sex videos there is only one location on the Internet where you should go, simply because like I’ve told you they are the only ones that have over 400 famous and popular and nevertheless gorgeous porn stars on their payroll and these porn stars perform live sex every single day of the week.

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